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Faculty Mentoring Program

MHDI recognizes that UNL's junior faculty, who specialize in minority health disparities (MHD) research, require a more robust mentoring program to be competitive in today's funding environment. The MHDI faculty mentoring program looks to capitalize on the departmental support already provided to our affiliated early career MHD researchers. We understand that the trend towards inter-institutional transdisciplinary research teams requires a junior faculty mentoring program with an interdisciplinary, multiple strategic approach.

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Reducing Health Disparities Volume

This volume of collected essays is a product of the 2015 & 2016's Minority Health Disparities Initiative writing retreat at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The goal of UNL's MHDI is to disseminate and translate the research of affiliated university faculty to our community partners and organizations, as part of a larger goal to address the needs of minority and underserved populations throughout the Central Plains.

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Funding Announcements

As students, staff and faculty members, it is important that you learn how to identify research and educational funding opportunities immediately upon their announcement. The Minority Health Disparities Initiative advertises availability of grant support through our Newsletter, Listserv, and on this site

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MHDI Newsletter

The listserv is used to disseminate a weekly email announcement that shares funding opportunities, upcoming events, news, reports and other resources, with links to our website and external sources of information. The purpose here is to continually inform recipients of opportunities for minority health research, and to continuously remind those on the list of the resources available to them via MHDI.


Publications and Grants

2016-2017 has been a busy year of grant submissions with MHDI core faculty and MHDI support staff. In total, we have completed fourteen grant applications to federal agencies with our faculty partners. Our MHDI support staff provided help with every step of the application process, including grant development, budgeting support, assistance with subcontracts, submission through NUGrant and assistance with the actual application package preparation.


Courses in Health Disparities

The University of Nebraska has health areas of study including Pre-health and health focuses within departments. It is important to note that UNL currently does not offer a "health" major, but but rather an educational track that includes courses needed for health schools while earning a bachelor’s degree.

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