2017 MHDI SRP Scholars



2017 Minority Health Disparities Summer Research Program Scholars

Amy Zhang is a senior Health (Science, Society, and Policy) major at Brandeis University. Amy’s research interests include Maternal and Child Health, Global Health, and Epidemiology. Amy will be working with Dr. Kirk Dombrowski on Network Risk of HIV & HCV Infection in Rural Puerto Rico
Anthony Adams is a senior Political Science and Communications Studies major at Monmouth College. Anthony’s research interests include Media Studies, Queer Theory, Health Communication, and Critical Race Theory. Anthony will be working alongside Dr. Angela Palmer-Wackerly on Supportive Communication, Identity, and Well-being in Rural and Sensitive Health Situations
Brendan Mahoney studies Economics and English at State University of New York at Geneseo. Brendan's research interests focus on Behavior Economics, Cultural Studies, and Quantitative Humanities. Brendan will be working with Christopher Gustafson and Elizabeth VanWormer on the perceived value of girls' and boys' education among three ethnic groups in Tanzania.
Yee Leng Yang studies Psychology at Lawrence University. His research interests are Model Minority Myth, Stereotype Threat, and In Group/Out Group Conflict. Yee will be working with Dr. Julia Mcquillan.
Steven Sharkey-Dye attends Coe College and majors in African-American Studies. Steven's research interests include Race Relations. His summer mentors are Dr. Kirk Dombrowski and Jerreed Ivanich.
Sarah D’Souza, is a senior studying Biobehavioral Health at Penn State. Her research interests are Minority Disparities and Effects of Grit and Resilience on Wellbeing. She will be studying alongside communications professor, Dr. Angela Palmer-Wackerly.
Sergio Maldonado is a senior who studies Psychology at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Sergio’s research interests focus on Positive Psychology, Character Strength, Recidivism, and Gang Desistance. Sergio will be studying the iInterplay between stress and social settings on Mexican-origin youth’s behavioral and physical health with Dr. Lorey Wheeler.
Nyalok Nhial is a senior Psychology major at California State University, Monterey Bay. Her research interests focus on Cultural Expression, Health Disparities, and Public Health. Over the summer, Nyalok will be working with Dr. Kim Tyler.
Miranda Melson attends the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and studies Sociology, French, and Global Studies. Miranda is interests includes Network Visualization, Community Detection (SNA), Global Issues, and Social Inequality. She will be studying risk networks of injection drug users in rural Puerto Rico alongside Dr. Kirk Dombrowski.
Mereena Jolly joins us from the City College in New York, studies Anthropology on the Pre-Med Track. Her research interests focus on health disparities. Mereena will also be working with Dr. Kirk Dombrowski on risk networks of injection drug users in rural Puerto Rico.
Julia Prentiss joins us from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, where the 22-year-old senior studies Math. Julia’s research interests include Mental Health and Mental Disorders. She will be studying risk networks of injection drug users in rural Puerto Rico with Dr. Kirk Dombrowski.
Samuel Rosenblatt is a senior studying Mathematics, Computer Science, and Sociology at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Samuel’s research interests include social network analysis, disease prevention, centrality measurement, network measure robustness, and epidemiology. Sam is working with Dr. Kirk Dombrowski on risk networks of injection drug users in rural Puerto Rico.
Bané Touré is a Film Studies major from Lawrence University. Bané's research interests include combining the study of law and government with filmmaking so that she can understand and document how the U.S. legal system disadvantages marginalized people. Bané's mentor is Colleen Syron.
Ryan Salvatori is a sophomore studying Sociology and Psychology at the University of Nebraska. Ryan’s research interests include drug use and deviance. His mentor for the summer is Dr. Kirk Dombrowski.