Linking science, practice, policy, and training to improve the health and well-being of all Nebraska residents

The Minority Health Disparities Initiative is a University-wide interdisciplinary research initiative funded by the Office of Research and Economic Development and the Tobacco Settlement Funds in Nebraska. The Initiative provides UNL faculty with an infrastructure for conducting innovative research to improve the health status of vulnerable and disadvantaged populations and expand the participation of minorities in research and education. The objectives of MHDI are to create a community of like-minded scholars capable of engaging each other in the pursuit of high level research on minority health and health disparities, increase the participation of minority scholars at all levels (faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates) in health-related research, and train the next generation of minority health scholars at the undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral levels. You can find a list of services and opportunities listed below and view our 2018 annual report here.  

  • Identify opportunities in minority health and health disparities research
  • Link researchers with other investigators as research partners
  • Assist in the development of grant proposals
  • Provide peer-review services for research proposals and scientific publications
  • Provide guest lectures on the science of health disparities
  • Promote the work of investigators in health disparities research through our annual conference and other scientific events
  • Fund pilot projects in minority health and health disparities
Training and Career Development 
  • Provide training in health disparities research – we offer grant and writing retreats - to post-doctoral fellows and junior faculty accepted into the MHDI Faculty Mentoring Program
  • Link faculty with opportunities to develop their careers in health disparities research
  • Provide mentoring for junior faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students interested in health disparities research
  • Offer research opportunities to minority undergraduate students
Community Outreach 
  • Link researchers with community organizations, state agencies, and minority-serving institutions 
  • Assist with recruitment and retention of minority participants in research studies 
  • Develop culturally appropriate health communication and health promotion campaigns
  • Provide research and community engagement opportunities to UNL students

If you are a UNL faculty member or student with an interest in health disparities,

we invite you to contact us.