Mohan Dutta

Mohan Dutta, chair and professor of communications and new media at National University of Singapore, will discuss “Communication, Global Inequalities and Social Change: A Culture-Centered Approach” in a 11 a.m. March 10 talk in Andrews Hall, Bailey Library.

The talk, which is free and open to the public, is hosted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Minority Health Disparities Initiative.

A new workshop focusing on media literacy is being offered to all state educators by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Minority Health Disparities Initiative.

Sessions in the two-day seminar will focus on visual media literacy, critical thinking about visual media and incorporating those skills into elementary, middle school and high school curricula.

UNL's Kirk Dombrowski (left) and Bilal Khan will head an interdisciplinary team to develop ODIN, short for Open Dynamic Interaction Networks.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln researchers have earned a three-year, $1.2 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to build a smart phone application and software that will analyze people’s behaviors, social networks and relationships in real time.

In addition to enabling UNL sociologists to track and examine future study participants’ interactions with others, the new network will collect exhaustive data that will inform research projects in areas such as public and rural health for years to come.

Bridget Goosby, associate professor of sociology and faculty member of the Minority Health Disparities Initiative, awaits a dunk in the tank during the Dunk the Doctor event at the Back to School Jam at Lincoln’s Malone Community Center Aug. 9. The Dunk the Doctor event is one of several MHDI outreaches to strengthen relationships among Nebraskans and UNL researchers.

Kirk Dombrowski gets excited when he talks about the upcoming academic year and the developments taking place in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Minority Health Disparities Initiative.

With a new round of funding from the Nebraska Tobacco Settlement Trust Fund now in place, the initiative is heading into its fourth year with goals that he hopes will leave an indelible mark on the state.

Among them: increasing the initiative’s presence in Nebraska towns and cities to develop focused and needed research.