Faculty Mentoring

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Faculty Mentoring

MHDI recognizes that junior faculty, who specialize in minority health disparities (MHD) research, require a more robust mentoring program to be competitive in today's funding environment. The MHDI faculty mentoring program looks to capitalize on the departmental support already provided to our affiliated early career MHD researchers. We understand that the trend towards inter-institutional transdisciplinary research teams requires a junior faculty mentoring program with an interdisciplinary, multiple strategic approach. We provide our junior faculty with a wide range of support including:

  • helping them develop a tenure track strategic work plan 
  • providing on the ground support of their community engaged research 
  • grant proposal development from concept stage to funding of research

MHDI Faculty Mentoring Program offers:

  • Professional Development opportunities
  • Grant writing and proposal development services 
  • Publication submission
  • Name recognition & international presence 

Click here to download the Faculty Mentoring Agreement.  For more information on our Minority Health Disparities Faculty Mentoring Program, contact Trey Andrews, arthur.andrews@unl.edu.