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October 2023 Grand Round - Satveer Kaur-Gill

"Racially Discordant Provider-Patient Communication during End-of-Life Conversations"

Satveer’s research examines how populations with unequal access to health, social, and digital resources experience health disparities, often adopting a critical interpretive lens such as the culture-centered approach (CCA). Her primary research goal is to build health equity interventions that anchor community and patient voices. This presentation covered how they examined provider communication practices by triangulating methods (semi-structured interviews with patients & providers, observational notes, and conversation analysis) to identify communication inequities occurring in racially discordant provider-patient encounters.


February 2023 Grand Round - Tasha Golden

"Arts, Health, and Health Equity: Opportunities for Impact"

Tasha Golden, PhD, is the Director of Research at the International Arts + Mind Lab at Johns Hopkins University, and a national leader and consultant in arts + public health. This talk offered an overview of four key ways in which the arts can impact health and health equity at multiple levels of the social ecological model: from individuals to communities, policies, and culture.

October 2022 Grand Round - Laina Bay-Cheng

"Capable of Risk: Sexual Vulnerability and Dignity in the Sexual Lives of Marginalized Youth"

Laina Bay-Cheng, PhD, joined York University as its first Associate Vice-President, Faculty Affairs in August 2022. Prior to that, she was on faculty at the University at Buffalo School of Social Work for 17 years, serving as PhD Program Director and then Associate Dean for Faculty Development. Her research concentrates on the impact of interlocked social injustices - namely misogyny, racism, economic injustice, and age-based oppression - on young people’s sexual lives.