MHDI Faculty & Staff

MHDI Leadership Team

Rick Bevins Profile Photo

Rick Bevins

Chancellor's Professor & Chair of Psychology
(402) 472-7813 238 Burnett Hall
Trey Andrews Profile Photo

Arthur "Trey" Andrews

Associate Director
Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies & Psychology
(402) 472-7008 BURN 317
Kim Gocchi Carrasco Profile Photo

Kim Gocchi Carrasco

MHDI Coordinator (402) 472-5976 430E Oldfather Hall
Devan Crawford Profile Photo

Devan Crawford

Research Support Staff (402) 472-2243 430B Oldfather Hall
Kali Patterson Profile Photo

Kali Patterson

MHDI Project Assistant (402) 472-5975 430 Oldfather Hall
Halley Horne Profile Photo

Halley Horne

MHDI Communications Assistant 430E Oldfather Hall

At the core of the Minority Health Disparities Initiative are our University of Nebraska faculty and staff. Representing numerous departments and NU campuses, they advance scientific research to better understand and improve health outcomes of underserved populations. Their research, teaching, scholarship, and service contribute to meaningful change in our state and in communities around the world.

MHDI Leadership Council

Virginia Chaidez Photo

Virginia Chaidez

MHDI Latinx Coordinator, Assistant Professor, Nutrition & Health Sciences (402) 472-3716 LEV 104A
Kathryn Holland

Kathryn Holland

MHDI Sexual & Gender Minority Health Research Coordinator, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology (402) 472-3721 BURN 225
Bilal Khan

Bilal Khan

MHDI Network Science and Hard to Reach Populations Coordinator, Happold Professor of Sociology (402) 472-3631 OLDH 728
Tierney Lorenz

Tierney Lorenz

MHDI Stress and Mental Health Coordinator, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology (402) 472-3721 STE C66
Angela Palmer-Wackerly

Angela Palmer-Wackerly

MHDI Rural Health Coordinator, Assistant Professor, Communication Studies (402) 472-2070 LPH 351
Jordan Soliz

Jordan Soliz

MHDI Racism and Discrimination Coordinator, Associate Professor, Communication Studies (402) 472-2070 LPH 359
Julie Tippens

Julie Tippens

MHDI Immigrant and Refugee Health Coordinator, Assistant Professor, Child, Youth & Family Studies (402) 472-6560 LPH 239.1

MHDI Campus Liasons

Athena Ramos Photo

Athena Ramos

MHDI UNMC Faculty Liaison, Assistant Professor, Center for Reducing Health Disparities (402) 559-2095 984340 Nebraska Medical Center
Sharon Obasi

Sharon Obasi

MHDI UNK Faculty Liaison, Director and Associate Professor, Family Science Program, University of Nebraska-Kearney (308) 865-8225 WSTC 248W

MHDI Core Faculty

Roberto Abadie Profile Photo

Roberto Abadie          

Research Assistant Professor, Sociology 430 Oldfather Hall
Arthur “Trey” Andrews Profile Photo

Arthur “Trey” Andrews          

Assistant Professor, Ethnic Studies & Psychology 402-472-7008 317 Burnett Hall
Rebecca Brock Profile Photo

Rebecca Brock          

Assistant Professor, Psychology 402-472-7779 220 Burnett Hall
Virginia Chaidez Profile Photo

Virginia Chaidez          

Assistant Professor, Nutrition & Health Sciences 402-472-7647 104A Leverton Hall
Lisa Crockett Profile Photo

Lisa Crockett          

Professor, Psychology 402-472-0584 315 Burnett Hall
Rochelle Dalla Profile Photo

Rochelle Dalla          

Professor, Child, Youth & Family Studies 402-472-6546 251.1 Louise Pound Hall
David DiLillo Profile Photo

David DiLillo          

Professor, Psychology 402-472-3297 216 Burnett Hall
Katie Edwards  Profile Photo

Katie Edwards          

Associate Professor 603-422-3207 160 Prem S. Paul Research Center at Whittier School
Catherine Garcia Profile Photo

Catherine Garcia          

Assistant Professor 402-472-3631 711 Oldfather Hall
Marc Garcia Profile Photo

Marc Garcia          

Assistant Professor, Ethnic Studies & Sociology 402-472-3631 711 Oldfather Hall
Sarah Gervais Profile Photo

Sarah Gervais          

Professor 402-472-3721 Burnett Hall 219
Christopher Gustafson Profile Photo

Christopher Gustafson          

Assistant Professor, Agricultural Economics 402-318-5712 314A Filley Hall
Patrick Habecker Profile Photo

Patrick Habecker          

Assistant Research Professor 402-472-2721 430 Oldfather Hall
Deb Hope Profile Photo

Deb Hope          

Professor, Psychology 402-472-3196 318 Burnett Hall
Dan Hoyt Profile Photo

Dan Hoyt          

Director, SBSRC & Professor, Sociology 402-472-2108 704 Oldfather Hall
Michelle Hughes Profile Photo

Michelle Hughes          

Associate Professor, Special Education & Communication Disorders 402-472-2145 276 Barkley Memorial Center
Alian Kasabian Profile Photo

Alian Kasabian          

Research Assistant Professor, SBSRC 402-472-6145 370D Whittier School
Bilal Khan Profile Photo

Bilal Khan          

Happold Professor of Sociology 402-472-3631 728 Oldfather Hall
Kim Tyler Profile Photo

Kim Tyler          

Professor, Sociology 402-472-6073 717 Oldfather Hall
Tierney Lorenz Profile Photo

Tierney Lorenz          

Assistant Professor, Psychology 402-472-3721 C66 Stadium East
Julia McQuillan Profile Photo

Julia McQuillan          

Professor, Sociology 402-472-3631 709 Oldfather Hall
Tim Nelson Profile Photo

Tim Nelson          

Associate Professor, Psychology 402-472-7707 319 Burnett Hall
Angela Palmer-Wackerly Profile Photo

Angela Palmer-Wackerly          

Assistant Professor, Communication Studies 402-472-2070 351 Louise Pound Hall
Gilbert Parra  Profile Photo

Gilbert Parra          

Associate Professor, Child, Youth & Family Studies 402-472-2957 257.1 Louise Pound Hall
Patricia Wonch Hill Profile Photo

Patricia Wonch Hill          

Research Assistant Professor, SBSRC 402-472-7646 Prem S. Paul Research Center at Whittier School 370F
Lisa Pytlik-Zillig Profile Photo

Lisa Pytlik-Zillig          

Research Associate Professor, Public Policy Center 402-472-5678 215 Centennial Mall South
Amanda Rodriguez Profile Photo

Amanda Rodriguez          

Assistant Professor, Special Education & Communication Disorders 402-472-0103 118 Barkley Memorial Center
Jordan Soliz Profile Photo

Jordan Soliz          

Associate Professor, Communication Studies 402-472-2070 359 Louise Pound Hall
Julie Tippens Profile Photo

Julie Tippens          

Assistant Professor, Child, Youth & Family Studies 402-472-6560 239.1 Louise Pound Hall
Lorey Wheeler Profile Photo

Lorey Wheeler          

Research Assistant Professor, Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families & Schools 402-472-6944 160D Whittier School