Faculty Spotlight - Becca Brock

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Becca Brock


Becca Brock Associate Professor, Department of Psychology

Date that you joined UNL: 2015

Hometown: Granite Falls, Minnesota

Describe your research and how it contributes to alleviating or understanding health disparities?
Broadly speaking, my research is aimed at understanding how couple and family relationships contribute to depression, anxiety, and related aspects of health (e.g., substance use). My research tends to focus on populations underrepresented in research despite being at elevated risk for depression and anxiety, such as women navigating pregnancy and childbirth, sexual and gender minorities, and low-income families.

What inspired you to study health disparities and/or your field of research?

As someone who grew up in a rural community, I witnessed significant barriers to accessing mental health services. Much of my work is designed to inform preventative interventions that can be widely implemented and easily accessed to promote adaptive functioning before problems proliferate and require more expensive, protracted, and specialized care.

What advice would you give to incoming students (graduate or undergraduate) who are interested in studying health disparities?
Seek out mentors who are conducting research in your area of interest. Keep an open mind and expose yourself to different ideas and perspectives. Ultimately, carve out your own path pursuing research that sparks your passion.

What advice would you give to incoming faculty who are interested in health disparity research?
Develop a strong collaborative network. My research is enhanced by working with colleagues who bring unique points of view to the work that we do.

What would your colleagues/students be surprised to learn about you?
I love nature and the outdoors. Whenever possible, I am working in my garden, kayaking, or going for nature walks.

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